The role of the board of the Irish Judo Association is to govern the sports organisation. The board’s primary responsibility is one of trusteeship on behalf of stakeholders, ensuring that the association remains viable and effective in the present and for the future. The board is ultimately accountable for all organisational matters. Under the constitution of the Association there are 8 places on the Board. Currently, 2 of these positions are vacant, the Honorary General Secretary & the Ulster Representative.

Role – Hon Gen Secretary

The role of the honorary general secretary at its most basic is to keep accurate minutes of meetings, although its responsibilities are frequently wider and more substantial. The responsibilities of the honorary general secretary are to:

  • Help the President to plan meetings & organise the logistics of meetings
  • Take and distribute minutes & deal with committee correspondence
  • Responding to all relevant correspondence through the functions of the office
  • Ensures (alongside the President ) that decisions made at meetings are implemented
  • Act as a custodian for all organisation’s governing documents
  • Ensure AGM & Elections are in line with governing policies
  • Manage employees & oversee office duties on a day to day basis

Role – Ulster Representative

  • to be aware of the specific duties and obligations owed by a board member to the association & to be commercially and financially astute
  • to be a collaborative team player, to contribute & to be enthusiastic
  • to have an ability to think strategically and plan creatively
  • to resolve to set high standards and share responsibility for the results with your fellow board members
  • to give the necessary time and effort to the management of the Association & to demonstrate high standards of corporate and personal conduct
  • to be responsible for setting and maintaining a framework of delegation and internal control and agreeing or ratifying all policies and decisions on matters which may create a risk to the Association, financial or otherwise
  • to ensure that the board acts always in the best interests of the Association

The President Seán Fleming invites members to submit Expressions of Interest for these two positions. Please arrange to email the Judo Office at and register your interest in either position.