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IJA Performance Staff

Dr. Sharon Madigan
Performance Manager

The Performance Manager is responsible for the overall strategic delivery of the IJA 2020-28 Performance Strategy “Fighting Forward”. The role is to lead and direct the IJA High Performance Programme and to achieve player qualification and medal winning success at significant international competitions including the IJF World Tour, European Championships, World Championships and Olympic Games in line with the targets agreed with Sport Ireland.

Mr. Nathon Burns
National Lead Performance Coach

The National Lead Performance Coach will be responsible for designing and delivering the IJA High-Performance Programme, including the Olympic and IJF World Tour Programmes. The NLPC will also have the lead strategic input in Pathway Programme design. To best align strategy and delivery throughout the Pathway, the NLPC will work closely with, and be accountable to the IJA Performance Director.

Mr Anderson Marcelino Dos Santos
National Pathway Performance Coach

The National Pathway Performance Coach will be responsible for Pathway delivery from the Talent Development Programme Recruitment right through to Cadet and Junior Programmes. They will also have strategic input into the Pathway Programme design with regards to the responsibility within this programme of delivery.