Judo World Tour – The Globetrotting Judoka

Morgan Girardeau, a french judoka made a personnel journey from September 2015 to July 2017. He visited and trained judo in 41 countries, met and shared the principles and the values of judo with more than 10000 judokas all over the world. Morgan is currently in Ireland training at Wild Geese Judo Club and was delighted to meet Mr Go Tsunoda again here in Ireland at the EJU Improve Your Club seminar.

He has written a book about his travels and received a kind foreword from Mr Marius Vizer:

“The Globe-Trotting Judoka by Morgan Girardeau represents a geographical tour that combines Judo of the visited countries with local cultures and traditions. The book reminds us of the people who dedicated their life to Judo and who promoted our sport. It is a recital and invitation to simplicity and honesty, fostering at the same time the universal values that bind our society with the aim to contribute to a better, more dignified and united world.”

The book is available here should anyone wish to purchase same, or you can contact Morgan via his website – http://www.judoworldtour.com