Women in Sport Commission 

Change the Numbers – Leadership Training course 

Sport Ireland’s vision for women in sport is one where women have an equal opportunity to achieve their full potential, while enjoying a lifelong involvement in sport. 

We were recently encouraged to nominate women in judo to participate in a Leadership course. At very short notice and with admirable enthusiasm three of our active women administrators and coaches took up the offer and started on the course on Monday night the 9th November. They are Sylvia O’Flynn Honorary General Secretary of the IJA, Ellie Dennis, Ambassador for Judo and Anne-Marie Minogue, Representative of the Leinster Judo Council. 

This course runs on evenings in these couple of months before Christmas and already the feedback from our women in judo is:

 this course is so motivating” “keen to implement these new strategies “ “great to connect with all these other women in a variety of sports” And… “great, great”. 

So we are really proud of the effort being put in to upskill our candidates in areas of leadership, values in sport, communication, change management, crisis management and building resilience.  We will report back with more details and a course summary and hope to inspire more women to step forward and Change the Numbers!  

Many thanks to Sport Ireland and Women in Sport for their support. 

Antoinette Earl

Chair Women in Sport Commission 

Change the Numbers

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