Introducing JUDOFEST 2020! December 27th 2020

As a special holiday treat for the end of a complicated and difficult year for everyone, the International Judo Federation has planned an exciting day-long online judo festival – JUDOFEST 2020. The festival will feature top athletes, coaches, highlight programmes, and panel discussions on a variety of judo-related topics.

Panels include:

  • Judoka on the Olympics: the world’s top, current ,and former judoka discuss preparation for the Olympic Games and what it means to be a top athlete.
  • The Future of Judo: judo legends discuss the beauty of our sport, and where they see it going in the next few decades.
  • Judo in a Pandemic: athletes, doctors, and IJF officials discuss how the judo family was affected by the pandemic, and how we adapted.
  • Judo for the World: judo is more than a sport – check out what the IJF and the judo community do around the world in conflict areas, schools, and much more!
  • Judo rules live Q&A: got questions about judo? Why not ask Refereeing Director Daniel Lascau himself? Along with live demonstrations by Neil Adams, submit your questions about judo techniques, rules, etc!