The Irish Judo Association are delighted to announce that Gemma Reynolds has been appointed as the new Chair of the Adaptive Judo Commission.

We at the Irish Judo Association are committed to developing and promoting diversity and inclusion in our sport and hope that we can continue to provide all who wish to practice judo a safe and enjoyable environment to participate in our sport.

Gemma spoke to us in the Irish Judo Association about what she hopes to achieve in her new role in the Irish Judo Association – “I have been involved in judo for 23 years, competing at national and international level for Ireland. I am now a level 2 coach at Yamakwai Judo Club and am the Head Coach at Inspire NI which is one of Irelands only disability specific clubs.  I have taken on this role to progress adaptive judo in Ireland increasing the numbers of adaptive players joining judo and enjoying the sport. This will begin at grassroots, fundamental stage and hopefully progress.  A massive focus will also be on coach education to make coaches more aware, adaptive and educated when it comes coaching adaptive judo so it is done in a positive way. I am very excited to get started on this role.”
Adaptive Judo Commission.
We would also like to take the time to thank Frederic Marmain for his time, effort and commitment as the outgoing head of the Adaptive Judo Commission.