Reminder – Irish Judo Pathway Competitive System

As part of the support and development of the Irish Judo Pathway Competitive System, the IJA High-Performance team & the four provinces Connacht, Leinster, Munster and Ulster have been working hard to support your local judo development. We would like to remind players & coaches from the provinces that Provincial Squad attendance is Mandatory unless competing for Ireland or in full-time training at NLPC/PD endorsed Performance Environment as per IJA HP Performance Plan 2023-2024 criteria.

We recommend players & coaches read the IJA HP Performance Plan 2023-2024 criteria if they aspire to climb the next step towards their judo career, you can find more information by visiting the IJA website:

Remember, if you aspire to progress with the IJA HP Performance Plan 2023-2024, attending national squad sessions is paramount to supporting your judo development. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon at the next Squad National Session. All advanced Cadets and above (15+) are invited to attend, but please get approval from your provincial/ club coaches beforehand.